In today’s day and age where it is considered SUPER important to conceal all dark circles, I give you my best tips on how to conceal your dark circles without it caking or creasing.

Step 1: I always start with moisturizing my face and applying a good eye cream. My favourites at the moment are the Olay Complete UV Protection Moisture Lotion SPF Sensitive, $14.99 and the Olay Eyes Collection – Ultimate Eye Cream, $48.99.

Step 2: Always apply a primer around your eyes. This will help the concealer to go on smoothly, even out uneven surfaces and secure the concealer all day. My favourite primer for my eyes is the Revlon PhotoReady™ Prime + Anti Shine Balm, $29.95









Step 2: Gently apply primer from the orbital bone to the lower lash line, and across your eyelids. Use a colour correcting palette to even out skin tone under the eyes:

  • salmon to counteract dark spots
  • green to neutralise redness
  • purple to eliminate undertones
  • yellow to camouflage purple/blue undertones

My favourite colour correcting palette is the Innoxa Cover & Correct Cream Concealer Face Palette, $24.95.










Step 3: Apply foundation to your face, making sure to blend thoroughly (but gently) around your eyes so not to smudge the colour correcting work you have just done.

Step 4: Dust a light finishing powder to help set your foundation. Use a small powder brush to delicately apply product in place.





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