Once you have the perfect venue all picked and chosen, the next most important thing is the cake and decorations.

When choosing a colour and/or theme for your party, you should have a think about what colours reflect you. When I think of the colours I like, I think pink, grey, white and black. When I think theme, I think girly. I’m not into picking a costume theme because I hate when people force me to dress up a certain way for parties so I would never pick a theme and make my guests do so.

The three most important things about decorations in my opinion are: Colour, Quantity, Quality.

When it comes to cake? Taste, Design & Feeding all the guests.

In choosing my cake and decorations I knew that I most obviously wanted no other colour than pink and gold. Duh. So if you can’t think of a colour or theme, maybe have a look at Pinterest and type 21st Birthday into the search bar and it comes up with all these themes and suggestions so you’re bound to find some help there. You can even gather ideas from your friends, be that their Facebook photos or even asking them “Hey what do you reckon would be a fun idea for my party?”

Then my favourite part…. You shop! I purchased all of my decorations from small boutqiue stores, $2 junk stores and a couple of party shops. I based all of my decorations on the below pics.








And then my cake inspiration was…



I thought that I wanted there to be a few extra things for my guests to do other than dance or eat so I have set up my own photo booth area which I think will be fun for them. If the budget allows you could always hire in a photo booth company, unfortunately mine didn’t allow for that so I’ll be DIY-ing it for this one. But you can bring props and what not and the end result is always the same.

If you’re theme-ing your party you may want to decorate it with props and fun pictures. You may even wanna hire your brother or sister to be characters from your fave tv show or cartoon.

These are obviously all my own personal choices but you can mix it up in any way that you want! You can have games and activities, you can have a clown come or even have your dad do stand up comedy. The world is your oyster! Be creative.

Until next time,

Mel Sign Off